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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Update: The Ten comes to Nerd Rage, plus New Content!

The past few months have come and gone, with little content coming from this blog. I apologize sincerely for that, but my ability to purchase and review video games has been a bit hindered by financial/educational ventures. However, we will be returning with a host of content covering every angle of the site- from articles, to podcasts, to our new webcomic, "The Ten". I trust there will be a number of people coming to the site now for different reasons, so I hope everyone finds something they like here.

First of all, in terms of our podcasts, we came across issues with hosting and have to reformat and shut down for a bit. My co-hosts and I are looking to start putting new episodes together, and maybe change up the game a bit.

Next, in honor of the blessing that comes in the form of "The Year of the 3DS RPG", I'll be posting more articles discussing the mechanics of some of the titles we'll be seeing over the next 8 months, as well as some additional RPG-related content. After taking a look at some of the past material, I've come to the conclusion that the RPG genre is really where most of my content comes from, and while I will still be playing, discussing, and reviewing content from other genres, it's about time I started playing to my strengths.

And finally, the blog will now be the official host of "The Ten", a Nintendo-themed webcomic. The front page of the site will be updated with new pages Monday through Friday, but you can find previous pages and episodes in the archive, located in the "quick links" box to your left. I hope you're as excited about the site changes as I am, and I hope to continue providing quality podcasts, reviews, and comics to you all in the future! Thanks for reading!

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