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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Article: The Legend of Legacy Survival Guide

This game will kick your butt if you don't play by the rules.
I keep hearing people comment or complain about Legend of Legacy being too unapproachable or not translucent enough in game mechanic. While most of what is in this guide can be learned after playing about 8-10 hours of the game, it might be a good way to start playing. However, there is very crucial information in here about character builds, so you should at least pay attention to that!

Without further adieu, here is the Legend of Legacy Survival Guide: 

-Obviously, gaining skills is a major part of the game, but certain characters actually have innate affinities, as well. Subtle clues like their character profile might help glean what their innate affinities are, and of course, the weapons they begin with are innate. But this extends beyond weapon skills and also includes the three base stats and magic.

-Character affinities are-
>Muers - HP, SP, S-Sword, Spear, Staff, Bow, Shield, Water, Air, Fire
>Bianca - Fist, S-Short, L-Sword, Axe, Spear, Staff, Bow, Shield, Water, Air, Fire
>Liber - Fist, S-Sword, Axe, Bow, Water, 2x Healing + Medicine Box/Health Pack/Emergency Kit/Healing Charms
>Garnet - HP, Fist, S-Sword, L-Sword, Spear, Bow, Shield, Water
>Owen - HP, S-Sword, L-Sword, Axe, Spear, Staff, Shield, Air, 2x Healing + Medicine Box/Health Pack/Emergency Kit/Healing Charms
>Eloise - SP, Fist, Staff, Air, Fire, 2x Healing + Medicine Box/Health Pack/Emergency Kit/Healing Charms
>Filmia - HP, S-Sword, L-Sword, Axe, Spear, Staff, Bow, Water

-Of course, affinities are just what a character has the highest potential to grow. But weapon skills and magic can also grow within the base stats. This is determined by what stance a character takes in battle as well as the types of battles you fight. Making sure your stances are in proper order is very important, as is utilizing the right skills within those stances. Boosting an art skill (a weapon attack) or charm skill (magic attacks) in an improper stance won't be much help at all.

>Art Skills that are based around attacking and guarding excel in their respective stances.
>Charm Skills are based around attacking and support. Offensive skills are best suited to attacking, while healing, buffs, and debuffs are suited for support stance. They are used via Whispering Stones UNLESS they are Awakened, then they only need their respective Singing Stone.

-Now, you can use these skills with other stances, but they are less likely to grow when not in a stance that suits them. It is important to balance them depending on your most frequently used formations. Keep in mind that the overall base stat has a factor in the power or proficiency of the move as well as the base stat of the move. The move's power also plays a role, which is possibly most important. A move with the power of 3 might never really become viable without extensive growth in a base stat.

-The most important question of all is "how to encourage growth?" This is something that contributes greatly to character and map progression, so thankfully, the answer is quite simple.

>Art and Charm Skills have the highest chance of growth or awakening in "gimmick" battles and boss battles. Gimmick battles are those that are the specialty of the map. For example, a rare mob or a mob that appears in a special fashion. For example, that shadow panthers hiding in the trees in the first map.
>Base Stats have the highest chance of growth when the party members use their respective stance. In the case of HP and SP, neither stat has a specific trigger for growth- they do so based on the affinity the character in question has for them.

-Charm skills also have a decent chance at awakening in normal battles as well, especially when used in high frequency. It is important to remember that battles in which the odds are stacked against the player are more likely to encourage growth. This is also why ambushes are good opportunities for growth. The key to remember is this- you can force growth of art and charm skills without defeating an enemy, as they will remain even if you run from a battle. Many people do not realize this since many ambushes, gimmicks, and bosses cannot be escaped.


-One of the trickiest mechanics of the game is the use of Elemental Contracts in utilizing magic. There are a few important rules of Elemental Contracts to remember-

>Contracts weaken over time, and their benefits will do so, as well. It is possible and viable to strengthen contracts depending on the element you need in battle. BENEFITS OF CONTRACTS ARE- With Water comes HP Regeneration, Air comes with SP Regeneration, and Fire raises Ailment Affliction. These remain in effect UNTIL THE CONTRACT IS "STOLEN".
>Dominance depends on the strength of all elements on the field and contributes to the strength, accuracy, and duration of all Charm Skills. IT ALSO CONTRIBUTES TO FOUR CORE "STATES"- With Water Dominance, Elemental Damage is halved, Air Dominance halves Physical Damage, Fire Dominance doubles Physical Damage, and Shadow Dominance triples Elemental Damage.
>Stolen Contracts can occur on both sides, removing Benefits, States, AND spells being cast by opponents and party members. That means- if your character steals a Contract before an enemy casts a spell of the same element, the enemy can no longer use that spell- the same will happen if you attempt to use a spell after an enemy steals a spell. You may also input spells before you steal a Contract from an opponent, then, during the turn, steal the Contract and perform the before-useless spell.
>Charm Skills can be utilized with a Singing Stone AND a Contract once Awakened. Charm Skills CAN be used if a contract of a similar element is established.
>Enemies have elemental affinities, and usually have a visual cue which gives these away. The encyclopedia does not detail these.
>Devices present on the map can gift the party with an automatic Contract for the party if both a battle begins in close proximity and they have been activated, beneficial for grinding.
>Weapons can have elemental affinity, which can drastically boost or diminish in strength depending on field dominance, NOT contract.

-Keep all of these in mind, especially when tackling particular maps. Again, the affinity of a map also contributes to field dominance and it may be wise to equip party members depending on this.

-Materials are few and far between, and defeating Shadow Titans may require exploitation of the economy. A few things to remember:

>Selling Maps upgrades the goods in the shop.
>Hiring Ships is beneficial, as they usually pay for whatever funds you lost in hiring them in addition to gifting rare weaponry and duplicates that can be sold to the shop. This function works even without Streetpassing other Legend of Legacy owners.

With all that in mind, have fun with the Legend of Legacy! It can be exploited despite its randomized nature. It can be frustrating, but highly rewarding when you catch the game within its own trappings.
by Streetpass interaction, but can also contribute greatly to your economy in lieu of duplicate drops, and often pays for itself.

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