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Friday, June 12, 2015

Article: How I learned to love Splatoon

Splatatatatat etc etc
As it turns out, loving Splatoon was very easy.

She came to me at a very dire time, when I couldn't exactly find joy in video games. I had been playing game after game of mediocrity, of concepts not fully-realized, and dissatisfaction abound. I needed something immediately satisfying. Luckily, Splatoon is just that.

Splatoon takes almost everything I find inaccessible and frustrating about most online first person shooters and makes it a bit more forgiving. Even though I was a week late into Splatoon, a time I thought I would be left in the dust, the mechanics evened out. That's not to say it wasn't an uphill struggle. The first few hours of Splatoon were enjoyable precisely because I was forced to be on my toes- with few weapons and no real solid strategies, I had to fight and play dirty. After my options began to open up, however, I realized that I could play the game the way I wanted. That was a liberating feeling.

Maybe it's the aesthetic of the game, or how it mixes with the mechanics so well. Maybe it's because I am constantly getting new gear and weapons. Maybe it's because Nintendo is making sure there's new content for me to actually care about. Either way, it's an awesome feeling to play a game and for everything to just feel right.

Is that to say ours is a perfect love? No, it's definitely not. Splatoon's single player leaves much to be desired, and I heard an almost unanimous positive response about it, which makes me wonder: are FPS campaigns really so bad that this is considered quite good? I'm only two worlds in, and my opinion might change, but to me, there's nothing more satisfying than overcoming enemies that think like you. I worry that, someday, when Nintendo does decide to pull the plug on Splatoon's online, if I'll be satisfied enough with the remaining package.

If a game is great because of its multiplayer, that's a fantastic thing. But if a game is great in general, it has many elements that are all satisfying. So I'm reserving my review for when I finish the single player campaign.

Which will happen if I ever stop playing multiplayer.

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