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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Rediscovering the Magic: A Proposal

I would like to preface this article with an apology- I've been very busy with work and also with our podcast, which is progressing very smoothly but has eaten up many of the things I enjoy talking about on this blog- new releases, and current events.

Except I haven't really enjoyed talking about them lately.

Video game news hasn't been all that thrilling, in my opinion. Nintendo is starting to develop mobile games. That's not exciting- that's a platform I swore I would never ever EVER get involved with and it sucks to see them diverting some of their efforts there instead of on their consoles that are bleeding out. Bloodborne has gotten fantastic reviews. E3 is still 80-something days away. Most of what Nintendo is planning to release, we already know about. Releases for my PSTV don't interest me because they're expensive and none of them feel iconic, and the 3DS has nothing compelling coming to it. To top this all off, I've felt extremely dissatisfied with a large majority of games I have been playing lately.

Is it fatigue? Is it because I've been playing crap? There was a time where I would have argued that all games have their merits, and I still stand by that. But I find it harder to focus on the positives lately, and that's a bit upsetting to me. Video games are a source of great enjoyment and interest to me, so much so that I have made about 190 posts on this blog with most of them pertaining to that subject.

I'll reflect once again on the state of the industry- one of my favorite video game developers has branched out in a number of different directions lately, and though I now have a Sony console, it hasn't brought me all that much joy, and from what I have seen in the PSTV/Vita news, I don't have anything to be looking forward to, as the console is already waning in support. I do cater to a very specific, and slow-moving, portion of video game news, but I don't see myself dropping 400 dollars on something that is going to end up costing me more anyway. This is another reason I generally stay away from Steam as much as I can.

So I think it's time to take a step back from the raging cycle of game releases and focus on a pretty hefty backlog I've amassed. I have found it difficult to complete a number of recent releases, but I also have been picking up cheap games on sale and because of rewards programs, and I think it's time to focus on that stuff instead of buying into hype and killing myself over staying "on top" of gaming news.

Of course, I probably will buy some new games, and I will try to discuss them on our podcast, Now Playing. But I am going to focus my efforts on improving the written material on the site and start talking about older and more retro titles. I think this might help as I build myself up for facing up more modern titles, which I haven't found very satisfying as of late.

Thanks for continuing to read. I hope to have some new material up for you in the future.

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