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Monday, March 9, 2015

Article: My Experiences with the Playstation Network

So everyone has told me about how Sony and Microsoft have always been leagues ahead of Nintendo in terms of online functionality. I am assuming now, of course, that they meant multiplayer games, not the purchase of them. Because my first ever experience with the Playstation Network has been a major annoyance.

Of course, I've heard that when it comes to security of information, Sony has never been very good at their game. As I'm sure most are aware, the Playstation Network has suffered several DDOS attacks and hacks that have released valuable customer information. Naturally, I wasn't going to take my chances with the service. After a relatively painless account setup procedure, I finally put together a cart of about ten cheap games I was interested in picking up. I figured I could enter my credit card information at checkout and be done with the system, right? Turns out, that doesn't work. If you enter credit card information, it has to be linked to your account.

So I did that. I could just delete it later, right?

Except it didn't check out. For some bizarre reason, which I would soon discover after browsing the PSN message boards, you have to be extremely delicate about entering your payment info JUST the way Sony would like it. After several attempts, I gave up and started considering alternate methods, like Paypal. I wouldn't have to bother deleting my payment information after each purchase if I used that system, right?

But apparently PSN checks the credit card you're using for PAYPAL too. So that didn't work. So now I had to consider an alternate payment method- prepaid cards. This brought me to a shady and disgusting part of the internet where people pay extra money in order to have prepaid card codes mailed directly to them, which is absolutely moronic. However, instead I simply went to Amazon and ended up ordering two cards. Well, I ordered one, but then realized I could get a higher amount for more money and considering I had a few games in my queue I decided to get another, which didn't blow over too well with my bank, but that's a whole other problem.

I just don't understand it. Why is the credit card practice on a massive online store so archaic? I should say, why is it so archaic in 2015, years after Sony instituted a digital service? It seems to be a problem that is still relevant on their systems judging from what I've read from customer support and FAQs. I've heard responses like "get a bank whose credit card does work with our system". Is that proper customer service?

Let me know if you've had similar issues by email (, tweet us @nerd_rage_blog, or respond in the comments below.

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