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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

"Sorta Fresh" Review: Super Mario 3D World

Marty-o? Is that you? Oh how I've missed you...
Okay, you got me.

I hate 3D Mario. I think it's pointless, and the linear nature of the design takes away from what Mario in 3D should be. Super Mario Sunshine is one of my favorite games of all time, so that's kind of an indicator of how I feel.

Or rather, how I felt.






-Some gameplay relies on surprise tactics in order to increase life-loss.

-Over-reliance on Cat Suit


There's not really much to say about this. 3D World is awesome. Everything I didn't like about 3D Land (and, if you have frequented this site, you know how I feel about 3D Land) is more or less fixed in this title. Level designs and mechanics feel polished and direct while also giving a greater amount of space and variety of travel because of the multiplayer aspect. The multiplayer is solid as ever, though it requires synchronization in its most difficult areas. The playable characters all have different and interesting aspects that makes replaying levels enjoyable- and the levels themselves certainly are replayable. No longer frustrating time-attacks, the levels in 3D World have multiple collectables to keep you coming back and combing them over- sometimes it's in search of a specific green star that you could only obtain with a powerup, other times its simply finding the elusive Miiverse stamps, which actually do a great job of heightening the post-level experience with a good chuckle or fart joke. There's a lot of fart jokes on Miiverse.

Of course, the central powerup in this game is the Cat Suit, and like the Tanooki in 3D Land, it's overused. But not horribly, because its abilities aren't necessarily game-breaking and enemies usually become much more dangerous because of it. It does make an appearance in many levels but it has such an odd, wacky charm that it really is quite fun to use. It just makes goalpost-getting extremely easy.

It's clear that the developers had tons of ideas they wanted to implement in this game and the amount of variety in mechanics is impressive, rarely do you come across a "gimmick" that's used more than once. It is this focus on exclusivity and allowing the player a bit of free reign with how they tackle levels that makes 3D World such an enjoyable experience. I can truly say that I was worried when the title for this game was first released- my past experiences has not been positive. But I am willing to eat my words and proudly proclaim that 3D World is one of the best games I have played all year, and I have high hopes for Mario in the future.

Final Verdict: A gorgeous game with a staggering amount of content, Super Mario 3D World delivers an experience that is addicting and enjoyable. With a light story that gives a lovely twist on the classic formula and constantly-changing level mechanics, it is traditional in the impressive amount of variety it possesses. This is a MUST-play if you own a Wii U.

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