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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Horror. [AKA Dokapon Kingdom]

Save me from this. It's too much fun.
There are few games that have had an intoxicating affect on me. One of them was Wakfu, which essentially made me realize I can never, ever commit to an MMO- and Wakfu wasn't even really that good. However, I have recently discovered another terrifying challenger: Dokapon Kingdom, which threatens to destroy my life and my happiness.

Dokapon Kingdom, for those who are interested, is a multiplayer game akin to Mario Party, except it also contains elements from RPGs. By "contains elements" I mean, it's essentially Mario Party as an RPG. There are level-ups, equipment, stat growths and distribution, items, magic, boss fights, dungeons... and it's all played with the simplistic aura of a "be at the top" party game. You move across a massive world map by stopping a spinning wheel, and you liberate towns by fighting boss monsters. It's addictive and it wants to kill me.

Dokapon Kingdom has a story mode in which pieces of the map are slowly unlocked and players must travel further from the starting point in order to complete objectives- as with any good party game, you can play story mode with four players, which is really neat. The combat in the game essentially comes down to a strategic version of Rock/Paper/Scissors, where you can never be sure which defensive aspect your enemy is going to choose, and inversely, you don't know how they're going to attack you. It brings a chance-based feel to the affair where nothing is certain, and that's why you can't take your eyes off the game.

And of course, there's exploration. Dungeons, featuring mysterious locked chests that yield impressive rewards, new continents, and new enemies, constantly making the game tougher to overcome, and all the more addicting. Dokapon Kingdom is a party game first and foremost, however, and there's plenty of ways to screw over your friends- so badly, in fact, that you can go from extreme glee, to misery, to rage all in one playthrough. It's a harsh game, but that's also what makes it so addicting.

I'm saying this now because I recently introduced two good friends of mine to the series, and we stayed up playing the game for eleven hours straight, into the morning. Eleven. HOURS. We couldn't stop. It was everything we needed- a group RPG with an simple goal- get rich. I almost fear picking it up again- mostly because I'm one day away from finishing a Darkling transformation, but also because I don't want to see how this game will grab me next- I want to level up, change my job, and no longer sit in last place. But that would mean playing more Dokapon Kingdom, and I am horrified by that thought.

Yeah, I'll freak out over Sonic Lost World tomorrow.

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