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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

More speculation about Pokemon X and Y. That's the subject.

Well. That's a gorgeous region if ever I've seen one.
Okay, so we've seen four new Pokemon. What many people might also not know is that we've finally seem the new region- Kalos, and it's European-inspired. How is this evident? Well, the picture above should kind of answer that question. But what really interests me is how the world of Pokemon is no longer some shapeless planet- it is our own, with a bit of a different style. The geography isn't always the same, but the locations are heavily based off of a specific region.

Only, Pokemon Black and white felt like a very urban setting, but not exactly grandiose in scale. Perhaps the additional region in Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 made the region seem bigger- I wouldn't know, but now I feel compelled to go pick up the titles just so I can say I've experienced the whole Unova region, and began in a New-Jersey-based starting town. That's a fun concept.

But Kalos is more than just a new region- it has it's own legend, it's own rich history that can be drawn upon. Just as the first four regions of Pokemon focused on the rich geography of a country, X and Y have the opportunity to represent a sizable chunk of a continent, and that excites me to think of where future Pokemon games might be located. A middle-eastern, western Asian geography would fascinate me.

But more about the nature of our locale, no? The trailer focused on the main city a whole lot- or maybe it didn't. Either way, we know of some eight-directional movement going on in Pokemon, finally- and strangely enough, some dynamic camera action. We'll get to ride around on mounts (hoping it's no just Gogoat), sit and watch the flowers, and our characters will interact with the environment- it's quite a bit, even by Pokemon standards. Hopefully this means some pretty moments, as the graphics do look a great deal refined since their original viewing. The battle sprites are detailed and smooth, constantly shifting from battle pose to attack, and whatnot. The battles are more cinematic, as well, with animations being quite spectacular, for those who like to show them off. The region feels like it fits together, if that sounds strange enough- sure, the desert region was a bit wacky, but the extremely floral routes mesh together with an art style that is very consistent. Personally, this first 3D outing seems like it might have the most cohesive art style of the games- and the most interesting, colorful region.

As for the new Pokemon- well, Gogoat is certainly fascinating, let's hope other mounts show up. The new normal-flying type Fletchling seems a bit dull, but no worse than Pidove- he actually seems to have a bit of character, like Hoothoot.  You can't go worng with a fighting-type panda, and I'm hoping those one evolves into a nasty threat to add to a functioning bear team. Helioptile, the one with the most interesting name, seems to have a neat new attack that might not be great on him but awesome on others (let's hope he evolves), and that's pretty much it.

Still hoping that we get to see some connectivity information about the game soon- Pokemon revelas are nice but ultimately not what I need in my life. I want to know, if the 3DS sells well enought with Pokemon, will the new connectivity of the 3DS enhance the experience of the game as well? One can only hope. Until then, we have a region name and picture, and four new Pokemon- some predictable, some not.

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