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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nintendo: Do they care? [AKA Nintendo Direct]

It would seem as if this game is a Link to the Past, itself. Oh gosh, I'm clever.
Wow. Okay.

So to be honest, I was expecting mediocrity in this Nintendo Direct. There hasn't been a Direct in a while, and not without good reason- there hasn't really been much to talk about lately. But that's apparently not the case, since Nintendo really did drop a few bombs on us.

I'm very impressed with how Nintendo has utilized Miiverse in communicating with- and getting feedback from fans. The announcement of the Oracle games on the forums, as well as the noting of Earthbound's popularity, shows that Nintendo really is listening to what is being said on Miiverse- it almost makes me feel bad about putting up so many silly pictures instead of actually discussing hot topics. Still, Earthbound is coming to Wii U VC, and that's very exciting. I've always wanted to play parts of the series and I think it's a great way to get newcomers interested in the characters, especially since they'll be appearing in games like Smash Bros..

So Pikmin 3. August 4th. Interesting. As are the new Flying Pikmin. I can see these critters making things a lot easier, but that also makes me think they'll be very hard to obtain. In any case, the game still looks fantastic, and it's nice to have a solid release date, finally.

However, what interests me more are the additions to this year's 3DS lineup like Zelda, Yoshi's Island, Bravely Default, and Mario Party. While Mario Party is a bit strange (I don't really see the title working on portables, unless it has download play. Online would definitely help the series, too), I'm pleasantly surprised by the other three. I mean, I didn't really think that Nintendo would be able to churn out Yoshi's Island and Zelda this year, but they did- and both games seem to be glorious homages to Nintendo's greatest age- those SNES days. I mean, is it wrong to give us a throwback to those times? With Zelda being a sequel to A Link to the Past and Yoshi's Island being... well, Yoshi's Island, it's clear that the games are meant to evoke some nostalgia. It's quite obvious that Yoshi's Island will feature classic mechanics, but the level design will be unique. But Zelda is a different case entirely. From what we've already patched together, the overworld is going to be very similar to the original, with minor changes. However, this was only one trailer, and there's still plenty to see from the game- but Nintendo is treading some dangerous ground with these sequels, as well, and it's something they need to be mindful of. Games with reputations for being the pinnacle of their series like Yoshi's Island and A Link to the Past are hard to follow up, especially A Link to the Past, which featured a massive amount of dungeons. If Nintendo is going to hype up these SNES sequels, they sure-as-hell better play just as well as them and have content worthy of their successors.

As for Bravely Default, the game could not come soon enough. While the 3DS is already making its mark as a hub for RPGs, this is a completely new IP, and that's something a lot of 3DS users have been looking for. The DS featured a massive library of new IPs and the 3DS has given us a good deal of sequels. It's always nice to see a Square Enix RPG make its appearance on the 3DS, too.

And speaking of new IPs, Guild02 is making its way overseas as well! All three games in the series, actually. This surprised me, simply because many people, including myself, thought that we were only getting The Spaceship Damrey and Bugs vs. Tanks. Guild01 was brought over to the west as well, but we missed out on one of the games simply because its material seemed too Japanese for western audiences. However, Attack of the Friday Monsters was revealed as well, and that's just great. While some of the graphics that are Japanese may not be translatable, the effort to sub over the game is much appreciated. What is most enticing about these new eShop games is that The Spaceship Damrey and Attack of the Friday Monsters are a bit nebulous in nature- not much is known about either title and in the case of The Spaceship Damrey, this is a good thing.

I mean, I don't think Nintendo has ever given the impression of company that is uncaring towards its fans. But today's Nintendo Direct seems to show that they truly do thrive off of fan support. That makes me happy, because I'm a pretty avid Nintendo fan and I really appreciate the lengths they're going to in order to make me a happy gamer.

Oh, and I'm back, by the way.


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