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Saturday, March 16, 2013

It's been a while, huh. [AKA Wii U VC, 3DS eShop, and Etrian Odyssey IV]

I've got rhythm. I SWEAR. SERIOUSLY.
So I used to be very frustrated with my Wii U, thinking that it never worked for me. But then it did, and I got Wii Street U and F-Zero on there, and finally got the Miiverse update for Nintendo Land. Which was pretty freakin' fun. So I really have no complaints about the Wii U right now since I'm poor and in college so the lack of games is pretty much no problem, and I'm immensely excited for Super Metroid on the Wii U VC. DAMN that's going to be fun.

The reason I haven't posted in a while is because I've been pouring my heart and soul into a lovely little game called Etrian Odyssey IV, which is amazing and so much fun. It's not the most story-centric JRPG I've played, but it has a wonderful sense of exploration in a very different way than, say, Xenoblade- where each step you take is a new discovery and must be mapped. It's quite difficult, but dedication yields success. You can design a team in whatever way you want, and it's a whole lot of fun mixing and matching the finer mechanics of class-creation. The length is quite impressive, as well, with such a large and varied amount of caves and massive labyrinths, you really have a lot of options for exploration available to you- and the inclusion of a great deal of quests (including downloadable ones with excellent rewards) means that there's a ton of content for a portable game.

And I was pretty excited when it saved my data for "future entries".

The grind certainly is fun, if not a bit tedious. But it's redeemed by the accessibility of obtaining food, money, materials, and experience all for their respective reasons, and taking the time to map out another dungeon yields unexpected but appreciated rewards. I highly recommend it to anyone with a 3DS, even if the art style is a bit... unapproachable...?

I also picked up the HarmoKnight demo, and I am not eagerly anticipating the game's release. I was a bit surprised to really get into a rhythm game, especially a rhythm platformer, since I even found Bit.Trip Runner hard to pick up. Rhythm games aren't really my thing at all- but maybe it's the charm, or the music, or the insanely tight reaction time needed to pull off perfect runs in this game, but it's really fun. And for a rhythm game to be challenging, even on normal difficulty, is pretty fun, and encourages me to actually play the whole thing because I suck at it right now.

That's all I've really got. I'm a bit busy with other projects, sorry I can't say more than that. Come-next-Nintendo-Direct, I'll probably have something more sufficient. Bye!

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