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Monday, December 3, 2012

"Not So Fresh" Review: Sin and Punishment: Star Successor

 So I decided to go through this game on co-op with a friend, which is why it took so long to finish a playthrough. I must say, enjoying games with friends makes me like writing reviews on them.

So Sin and Punishment is a rail shooter, in which you control one of the two main characters as they go on wacky adventures throughout our world. And when I say wacky, I mean we're talking about trekking through a dead city underneath ice, an underwater tunnel, a sky temple, SOMEONE'S DREAMS, a highway in the middle of a desert, a lava-surrounded Mt. Fuji, and outer space.

This is Sin and Punishment.

There's not really that much you need to know about the story, honestly. It's a sequel that starts right where the first title ended- Isa and Saki are about to fly off the planet when they're mercilessly attacked by the Nebulox, a group pursuing them because they want Saki for some reason. And the RAIL SHOOTING BEGINS!

I'm a bit disappointed that the game doesn't offer more engaging gameplay for two players- and that you have to have a nunchuk connected to the second Wiimote when they don't control a character at all. Seriously, who made that design choice? But my friend and I were content with switching off every time we died. Because we died a lot.

Sin and Punishment is an action-packed game, and I think it's one of the only games I can truthfully say that about with a straight face. There's a lot of crazy stuff that happens in this game. I mean, some nonsensical things, too. Not just insanity- but there's that, too. When you fight a man who can shapeshift into dolphins and evil tentacle monsters at will, or travel through a sky fortress with giant walking tables roaming its halls, you kind of get a sense of what this game is. But that's what is so ridiculously rewarding about it, too- every time they throw something in your face that's absolutely crazy, you just need to take it, get ready for it, and kill it with lasers and a sword.

There's really not much else to say about the game, honestly. It does what it does extremely well, though. The variety in level design and boss battles is astounding, and even though it's only eight levels, the difficulty is high and the thrills are intense- ranging from screen-filling bosses with even larger attacks, to bullet-hells with precise dodging. There's side scrolling portions, there's Star Fox like portions, and there's other neat stuff where you're given a bit more freedom with where you can go and what you can do. There's some portions I find extremely ridiculous, but it does take a mastery of the controls. There's online leaderboards to see how tough you are in comparison with others, too... and that can be a real incentive, because after checking that out... you'll wonder how they managed to get such high scores.

If there's one thing I really appreciate about this game is how it treats each boss battle like it deserves to have its own mechanic and specialty. The final boss in particular utilizes a very awesome mechanic that is reminiscent of a rhythm game, there's a battle in which the boss is actually behind you, and there's even a boss that's a wall that tries to hide behind OTHER walls. There's so much creativity and wackiness in this game that you can't hep but enjoy its creativity.

Seriously, it's cheap now. Go pick it up. The dubbing is pretty nuts and the story is pretty much incomprehensible, but MAN is it fun. Play co-op with a friend. Try playing on your own without a steady assist right there with you. That's a boatload of fun. Whatever you do, you should seriously try this game out, because it out-Star Fox's Star Fox and even out Kid Icarus's Kid Icarus: Uprising. It's just a hardcore, insane, fun game.

One that I intend to replay.

Final Verdict:  This is not your normal game. This is an absolutely bizarre, but intense, high-speed game that will change the way you think about shooters. Expect the unexpected. Trust no one. Dread the little samurai girl. There's a ton of games like it, but not enough that can match the masterful adventure found in Sin and Punishment: Star Successor.

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