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Sunday, November 18, 2012

More New Stuff! Or, let's talk about news and the looming Wii U launch...



Yep, there's a new Shantae game coming out- it's a 3DS exclusive, which is awesome, in my opinion. I enjoyed Risky's Revenge although I felt it spent a little bit too much time in its "areas"- the three separate places where the plot-advancing items were kept. While these locales were certainly different, they felt a little bit too confined- except the desert area, but whatever. I've heard that most people believe Risky's Revenge is much weaker than the original Shantae, which will be coming to the 3DS virtual console soon. But what's been discussed on the nature of Shantae and the Pirate's Curse sounds pretty good. A more interconnected overworld that's twice as large as Risky's Revenge (though that wasn't very big to begin with), upgradeable new abilities that function as both exploratory abilities and in-combat weapons, and a multifaceted storyline that may have more negative implications on Shantae than even Risky's Revenge. That's cool.

I've enjoyed the 3DS games I've owned, for the most part, and only returned two (leaving my grand total at four, now), I'd like to expand my collection with games I actually believe are worthwhile. All this mixed news about Sticker Star isn't making me feel too good about what I thought would be my next 3DS purchase- but at the same time, my undying love of the English translations for Paper Mario games is something I can't pass up. So I ended up getting it, and I've been enjoying it a whole lot lately. It's not a "classic" Paper Mario game, although that specification doesn't really apply now that half the games in the franchise aren't "classic" iterations. It's still a great deal of fun, as an adventure game. There's very little (if any) role playing going on in the game, but the puzzle solving and numerous scenarios you have to experience throughout the title are varied and really, really fun. The battle system is a bit arbitrary, but it does add a secondary bit of difficulty to the game- encountering enemies, especially late-game, usually involves very strange status effects and powerful attacks. I'd say mastery of the battle roulette too, except... you know, you're deprived of that, as well. Still, it's a very nice portable experience, and I'm excited to see what comes next on the 3DS- oh, wait. LUIGI'S MANSION. FIRE EMBLEM. ANIMAL CROSSING. ETRIAN ODYESSEY IV. MONSTER HUNTER.

Well, if one thing is certain, it's that I'm not going to get a Wii U for a bit. Which is kinda a bummer but not really- there's plenty of strong (or at least... strong-looking) 3DS titles on the way, and I can continue to buy really cheap Wii games. Heck, it doesn't even matter if I pick up a lot of Wii U games if I actually do get the console- I still have plenty to do on my Wii. Especially in Xenoblade. So no big deal. By the time I finish all of the Wii games I want to finish and the 3DS games I want to play, E3 2013 will have rolled around will most likely set me up for a world of pain.

So it's nice to have that.

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