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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Free El Cee? Or, let's talk about NSMB2, and Crashmo!

Look at this, chumps. This is perfect puzzling.

So, I got Crashmo the other day. I was so looking forward to this game because of how inventive (and tough) Pushmo was, but what Crashmo did to my mind pushed the boundaries of human cognitive ability in ways I could not imagine.

SUDDENLY, there's a gravity system, as well as a friction element and the 3D element. The 3D element is honestly what was the hardest concept to grasp, but extremely rewarding when I understood what was happening and how to approach it. Crashmo just has so many really fantastic, well-thought puzzles in it that really do vary in many ways- but even now, I find myself stumped, and I'm early in the game. With Crashmo, it's much easier to skip puzzles because they're easy to come back to, but I never skip a fina puzzle of a world. It just... wouldn't feel right.

Anyway, Crashmo is a fantastic companion to Pushmo, and really does feel like an evolution in design and difficulty as opposed to its predecessor. It's pretty neat.

Also, since we've all collected more than 300 Billion coins in New Super Mario Bros. 2 (no thanks to me- I've only collected like, 25,000), we just got a free level pack for Coin Rush! It's all retro levels, and that's pretty neat. Of course, they have an atrocious amount of coins- I got 15,000 in one run, which is pretty neat. It seems like Nintendo really wants everyone to get to one million coins. Which is neat, I guess, and it's nice that we've had free DLC.

Come to think of it, the most exciting things I've received lately have been free DLC, which has been really nice. I've had three games on my 3DS get free DLC, and that's really extended the longevity and fun I've had with those titles. I know DLC does cost resources and sometimes it can technically even be included with the game, but it's nice to have more and more content made available. I'm not saying that's how games should be designed, but Mutant Mudds and NSMB2 had a sizable enough portion of gameplay in the first place, so this seems like icing on the cake.

If this is how Nintendo is going to handle DLC, I'm A-Okay with that. Even if they patch things, too- because their patch of Mario Kart 7 was really smooth. But I also think that they allowed some free DLC for NSMB2 because... well, that's what NSMB2 is supposed to be about- this really competitive, odd sort of subtle multiplayer.

I don't think anyone else really picked up on this when it was first announced, but New Super Mario Bros. 2 is essentially a GREAT idea wrapped in terrible newspaper and half the box is filled with this recoloring of an action figure you got not too long ago. You have the "story" portion of the game, which is pretty uninspired, but then you have this miraculous multiplayer mode, that honestly could have been an eShop exclusive itself. A worldwide tournament based on Mario platforming and collection? That's not a bad idea. Tacking it onto a shallow single player mode, though, that was dumb. Trust the capabilities of this system you've come out with- there can actually be games specific to streetpass connectivity, of online play. YOU can make these games, you don't have to wait around for a better developer hop on your console. But alas, I'm rambling.

Crashmo is great. All hail the Crashmo gods. Once Miiverse is integrated on the 3DS Crashmo's replay-ability is going to skyrocket through the roof. That is all.

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