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Friday, July 27, 2012

The Symphony of the Goddesses: A dialogue about great music, memories, and the 3DS

So I had the honor of attending the Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses last night, and I wanted to talk about it. This event was absolutely amazing in every way, and it also brings up a good deal of interesting discussion about the nature of many things.

Zelda is a game for the ages. When you play a Zelda game, you know it's going to be good, and you know it's going to be for a number of reasons- the dungeons. The exploration. The boss. The story. Every Zelda game has these, and it's progressed further and further throughout the franchise's history. Zelda is a franchise as old as video games itself- well, as old as Nintendo. And they're always making it look better or play better or feel better for the gamer, which is great. But what's greater is the memories.

Sure, not all of us have lived through all of Zelda's crowning achievements. A Link to the Past is a game I will never experience for the first time on the SNES because I never had one. But I saw and played Ocarina of Time on a friend's N64 and knew that it was something special. Listening to the Zelda concert and going through all of the music that has made that franchise great, I realized that everyone's got a favorite game. People went nuts for A Link to the Past- they went nuts for Twilight Princess. Applause occurred for obscure dungeon themes, overworld themes, and Ocarina tunes. People applauded upon seeing their favorite characters on the big screen above the orchestra. It was magic.

Another great thing about the concert was getting a full appreciation for each game. They hit every high of each game, showing the most triumphant and silliest moments from each title. And you got to see the evolution of the series, from the humble NES days to Twilight Princess' dark grittiness. And I gotta say, each game was received well. The audience just loved every moment. The music, though... you have no idea how well a game's music sticks in your mind until it comes at you full force with a beautiful orchestra. With each tune, there was recognition. Laughter and cheers. This is a game series that has had a wonderful plethora of incredible tunes.

My favorite moments were definitely the Majora's Mask medley that came as a surprise ending, and the ultimate badassery that was the conductor whipping out a Wind Waker baton to conduct the Wind Waker medley. I mean, I was going absolutely nuts in my seat.

Another thing- I got 154 streetpasses last night. WHAT. Honestly, this is what the 3DS is for. Nintendo should make more events like this because that's the most work my Mii Plaza's had since- I dunno, New York Comic Con? But really, it was awesome, and that's what I like to see. People gathering for an event they love and exchanging messages and friendship in order to steal puzzle pieces and kill hordes of evil and rescue kings. Yeah, I said it.

Speaking of the 3DS, have I mentioned its officially the best handheld ever? Yes, the year of N64 ports is over, and the handheld is now in full swing. It's getting all sorts of cool new games and eShop offerings, as well as a bigger brother, the 3DS XL. Listen, I know people will always complain about the lack of dual analogs, but does a handheld honestly need them? If you want your FPS action on the 3DS, pick up a Circle Pad Pro and play away- it's a great peripheral, but guess what?! The games that use it are still good WITHOUT the second analog, so no big deal.

The lineup for the 3DS is looking lovelier by the month, and now has a slew of really good titles on it. However, it does not have a truly solid, classic RPG- no, Kingdom Hearts and Paper Mario don't count. I want a RPG that has classic mechanics with a modern twist. Like, oh... say, XENOBLADE.

In other news, Gamefaqs has consumed me with rage and hatred towards the Wii U. Well, not really, but it is fun to see people so friggin' negative about the console when we know nothing of it. On the other hand, WE KNOW NOTHING OF IT. Nintendo says they want to let the 3DS XL have its place in the spotlight before Wii U news. You know what I say to that? NO.

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