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Monday, July 9, 2012

I can't let you do that, Star Fox. Or, let me describe a better Star Fox title...

Rogue Squadron: Furry Edition.
Okay, I have a gripe with Star Fox. I've never really enjoyed any of the games I've played, except a little bit of Starfox Assault. I know, that game is thought to be the bastard child by most loyal fans, but its design and mechanics are far better than normal Star Fox.

See, 2D shoot-em-ups with spaceships are okay with me. They feature high difficulty because the method of avoiding attacks is limited to only one dimension. 3D Shmups though... they just don't gel with me. I understand when 3D shmups came out, they were a thing of wonder. But the axis of avoidance is still the same, just attacks come AT you instead of down towards you. The original Star Fox was pretty rad, because it was something that no one had seen before. But honestly, 64 was a little tedious. Except for the increased graphical capability, there were still so many on-rails segments. Free-reign portions were still extremely small in scale, and it was kinda boring. No retextured 3D version is going to make me change my mind about that, either.

But people seem to be clamoring for a return to Star Fox- not Star Fox Adventures or Assault, but 64's style of gameplay. And to me, that just seems so stale. So much more could be done, and honestly- there's franchises out there that already do a better job at being 3D shmups than Star Fox did. Sin and Punishment and Kid Icarus: Uprising were both vastly superior in tone and gameplay. Star Fox's only really selling point was the story it tried to tell, which was semi-serious, and the fact that it was IN SPAAAAACE, but it was still pretty bland.

Besides, a better Star Fox game has already been made. It's called Rogue Squadron, and it's way more awesome. The mechanics, free-reign areas, and choice of starfighters and perks that come with them are much deeper and overall, superior.

I don't really understand why Assault is looked down upon so often. It's mechanics were so much more fluid, and seemed like a true evolution of the genre and of Star Fox, really. Sure, it was a little wonky on the ground segments, but that's something that could be improved upon in future installments. I think that if another Star Fox were to be made, it would have to take the direction Assault guided the series in- however, I think it could stand to have a little bit more of a spin put on it!

If you take Rogue Squadron's dogfighting and mix it with Star Wars: Battlefront's ground combat, you have (roughly) Star Wars: Battlefront II. A truly awesome game, Battlefront allowed you to choose from a number of different type of units that excelled in certain areas and were able to take advantage of different perks. Likewise, the ships that you chose had different perks and could be really beneficial to completing mission objectives. If Star Wars: Battlefront II had animals instead of Star Wars characters, I honestly think that it would be the perfect Star Fox game.

Star Fox's story and mission structure were focal parts of the game, and I think that needs to stay intact. However, allowing players access to different areas of planets and different missions in particular would allow the story to become much deeper and longer. As for the storyline gameplay, I assume selecting different characters to play as at the start of the level would mean you had different perks- like Fox having high blaster damage and Arwing maneuverability. Falco could have different perks, like a double jump to reach higher areas, different spawn weapons, and longer Landmaster hover. Krystal could lack ranged weapons but excel in melee combat and enemy evasion and detection.

Levels would be comprised of facing off with different factions and completing certain mission objectives, first starting on foot, and then hijacking or hopping into various vehicles to complete objectives. Even having a massive map for the plant you're on with multiple objectives that you have to complete before moving on to the next planet would be nice, emphasizing travel between points and having dogfights and skirmishes. Of course, this is getting a bit large in scale in comparison to Battlefront, so I'll stop there.

However, if Nintendo wants to push online multiplayer, they could do wonders with this game. Having Battlefront-esque multiplayer where players must capture command points or complete objectives, but with Corneria troopers or whatnot. Hell, Star Fox characters could be the equivalent of Jedi and special characters. Or, you could have Star Fox go against the Star Wolf team, which would be 4v4. Again, hopping into vehicles would be encouraged.

I don't think this is likely, though. But Star Fox does DESPERATELY need a makeover, because the gameplay is better utilized in other games and at this point is very dull. This is the best revision I can possibly think of for the franchise, because there's not much else you can do without taking Star Fox out of his SPAAAACE element.

That's all I got. 3DS news and impressions of Heroes of Ruin coming soon.

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