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Friday, June 15, 2012

Yeesh. Let's talk about the Wii U. And the 3DS, why not?

I haven't had much time to write stuff here, considering I've been ferociously attempting to defend the Wii U on forums. Oh, and work, too. I've been working.

E3 has left an odd taste in my mouth, really. On one hand, I was immensely excited to see some new reveals- things I was never expecting. Sure, the ninja star thing, that weird Samus-Mii Demo, Catch Mii... I expected all those things. I expected Pikmin 3, and New Super Mario Bros. U. And even Killer Freaks, though I didn't expect to see what it had evolved into. And honestly, the only game that really surprised me was Scribblenauts. That's all. I mean, looking back at that game reel... yeah. Scribblenauts was all. And that was even leaked beforehand, as well.

But then a crazy part of me started thinking, "Well, what if Nintendo didn't want to show people projects that are being teased WAY in advance?" And guess what? Nintendo came out with a press statement saying that they hid a number of games in development because they didn't want people stealing their ideas, and they also wanted to focus on things coming out within launch. So I was RIGHT! BWAH HAH HAH! But also, when you think about it... the Wii U has a good launch. It does.

I know, I know... Nintendoland is hardly a hardcore title. Yes, that's true. But Assassin's Creed is. And Nintendoland achieves what Wii Sports did, but directs the audience towards the roots of the company- themed attractions based on the key franchises that make Nintendo, Nintendo. Besides that, you have remade versions of games like Ninja Gaiden and Arkham City (guh), new titles like Darksiders II and Black Ops 2 (maybe?). And then you have Rayman Legends and Zombi U, one game based off of an extremely well-crafted platformer that includes wonderful gamepad capabilities, and the other is a tense reinvention of the Zombie FPS concept, that looks damn good, at that. But to hear that MORE games are rumored for launch, and that third party developers are working on titles for the console, in addition to Nintendo keeping tight-lipped about what else they have in store for the console... I don't know, I think it's more of a concept of marketing that is very well-thought out. You keep people on their toes when you have a slow trickle- and even then, with 23 games revealed for the console, to say that there's more on the way is pretty exciting.

There's also features that Nintendo has yet to reveal for the Wii U itself, aspects that go beyond gaming and into its hardware and operating system, like the Miiverse and the gamepad. With so much interesting stuff going into this console, you really can't help but keep your ears open about it. This slow trickle of info will definitely have us still chattering about the console up until its launch, which is not far off.

E3 was not a blowout, by any means, but it was a sufficient taste. It could have been tastier, sure, but it also gave people a reason to keep their eye on the console.

As for the 3DS, well... I don't know about that one. Again, the same slow trickle has been pushed by Nintendo, which means we didn't hear much about anything aside from... well, what they announced at LAST E3. However, Paper Mario, the divine, shall make up for that. Plus, you have Kingdom Hearts, Castlevania, and Luigi's Mansion coming soon! Oh, and FIRE EMBLEMMMMMMMM! So I don't see why people are upset with that.

It seems that Nintendo wants to be on the edge of our seats when taking into account the new material coming out for the Wii U and 3DS, which isn't really a bad thing- but it's not really a good thing either. The sooner you hit people with hard facts, the sooner you can win them over- unless you're unsure of something- and I think Nintendo is kind of unsure right now. Especially with people already scrambling to copy their ideas and implement them, they are really holding everything close to their chests. So, I'll be updating on that stuff as it comes up.

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