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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

E3 Thoughts: Post Nintendo Conference


So pretty much all day I've been conflicted, going on-and-off about trying to get a Wii U at launch, swearing off of Nintendo games for good and crying and bitching and moaning. Now that I've calmed down a bit, I am ready to voice my opinions.

Nintendo. You don't start off strong and end weak. You start off weak and end strong. You missed the ball on what your fans wanted to see, which was a solid lineup of games. A demo of Scribblenauts, ZombiU, and/or P-100 could have been much better usage of time than the end of this conference. Dwindling off into SiNG, Wii Fit U, and that friggin' LUIGI'S MANSION hand-holding Nintendoland bullshit was not an example of good time management. Hell, you could have even brought Ubisoft onstage to show off Rayman Legends, if you wanted a better example of asymmetrical gaming. You barely touched on this in any of your demos, which frankly surprises me, because it's what you've been pushing for so damn long.

That being said, the conference was not without impressive content. Pikmin 3 of delivered, fortunately, and I enjoyed a look at it. LEGO Ctiy: Undercover was actually the best game there, showing wonderful potential in both the platforming elements, it's GTA concept, and the traditional LEGO humor. Scribblenauts could have used a better look, but sweet jebas, I'm excited for it. But showing ports of old games is not a good way to show the hardcore that you've got them back- it shows that you're making the same crap available on your console. ZombiU could have desperately used a demo because the demo shown AFTER the conference was actually AMAZING, and showed how the game is unique and how it utilizes the Wii U gamepad in a convincing manner. It's a hardcore game with an ingenious take on a somewhat stale genre.

Anyway, I'm not going to pretend I know what's better for Nintendo, but I think there was a bit of poor decision making in the crafting of this conference, and I don't think I would get a lot of backlash for saying it. However, something that has not been covered, and probably won't be, is the eShop- what games we'll be seeing on it and what caliber they'll be. Trine 2 is probably going to be on it, but I would like to see more- a rumored eShop game list came out not long ago and I would have liked to see some more information regarding the subject. It's kind of an important part of having an online console, I believe, and though the eShop for 3DS was never shown in full at any E3, it still would have been a nice gesture to attempt to sway me.

As for the launch, it's at least a bit more solid than the 3DS. I'm okay with it being slow and having only a few titles that really draw me in, because it will give me more time to appreciate them- but I really wish we could have seen some stuff that's coming out afterwards. I mean, the Wii U better not fizzle out post-holiday, or it's going to have an even harder time than the 3DS did. So SHOW ME that it won't, Nintendo.

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