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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What is this, ART? Or, let's talk about video games...

I'll probably update this post with some pictures of video game art and such, but not right now. I HAVE AN ARTICLE TO WRITE.

So, what is art? I suppose that's a very hard question to answer, as I'm sure that everyone has their own opinion of what art is, but I'll just leave it as this- there is personal definition of art, which is what an individual believes makes art, art- and then there is public definition of art, which is what the general population considers to be art. So make of that what you will.

Are video games art? Well, certainly a good deal of art is put into them, but is the final product a work of art? I just wanted to throw this out there- because there are many games which I do not believe are art at all, but there are quite a few that I believe ARE art. I may expand on that list, but for now, I'm just going to say that there are games that clearly have a great amount of creative passion put into them, whether it is from a storytelling, environment, and/or a gameplay perspective. When a game blends all of these elements into a comprehensive, solid project, I believe it is a piece of art. There are plenty of games that look pretty but have no solid content, or games with great stories, but bland presentation. However, when everything just "clicks" and a very well-made experience comes together, I think that's just dandy.

Dandy, I say.

BUT! What games do I think are works of art? Well. I guess I'll start going through all the games I've talked about here and get back to you guys on that. But I think that the discussions you all could have would be far more interesting. What is art, and do video games fall under it?

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