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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Infinite Sadness. Or, let's talk about Nintendo....

As I drive back to college gazing longingly at the inverse box art for Xenoblade Chronicles and vowing, someday, to finish the game (lack of Wii at college depresses me), I also feel a great deal of sadness in regards to Nintendo. Specifically, a great deal of rumors that have been going around lately.

Anonymous sources have reported that the Wii U is underperforming, either at- or even blow- the level of the xBox360. Anonymous. Sources. I could take two shits or a give a grain of salt about anonymous sources, but alas, many Nintendo fans (mainly, those who are on forums) are up in arms. Not about the rumors, per se, but Nintendo's reaction to them. A PR statement made by the company was "Nintendo values play experience over technical aspects," which was pretty much a nail in the coffin for them.

If Nintendo isn't going to release the technical specs of their new console and dole out PR statements that emphasize the fun factor of their games, they're essentially telling people to forget about considering their console, because it's obviously less powerful than the other, current gen consoles.

But then again, there are third party publishers and developers have said positive things about the Wii U's power. Some that thought the Wii U was a joke are very pleased with their next console's capabilities. So, who is to be believed here?

I honestly think that the Wii U is going to be just as, if not a tiny bit more powerful than current gen consoles. I can't believe Nintendo would do anything less than that, especially if they want to cater to the hardcore audience- as games improve on current gen consoles and maybe even leap into next gen, Nintendo needs to keep up with them- which is why this console has to AT LEAST have this sort of power. This is what I believe. If I'm wrong, well, screw me, I guess. But I just don't see how Nintendo could expect to be as successful without that sort of mindset, especially while designing this console.

Nintendo has a ton of money at their disposal- their last console, while ridiculously underpowered and gimmick based, sold insanely well- they have the ability to create something impressive. But they have always been behind in the console game. It just makes me wary to think that will be the case once again. They need to innovate in a way that makes them untouchable in comparison to others... but how, that's the question. If they don't, they'll find themselves in the same position as last gen- without the gimmickry of motion controls to support them.

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