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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Genesis does what Nintendon't. Or, let's talk about Sega...

Recently, Sega made an announcement that they were canceling a lot of projects and focusing on their core intellectual properties. This is because there's been a predicted 50% loss in net income for the company, so "proven properties" like Aliens, Sonic, Football Manager, and Total War will take top priority and untested titles are being given the boot. The company has an expressed a move towards digital media rather than shelf-stocked retail, and hopes to use these titles to do so.

So Sega, if this is the case, why haven't you spent the last few years actually testing out this idea, instead of sitting on your thumbs and treating your IP's like crap? Because this is a last-minute decision in an attempt to quell the continuous downward slope of their company. They've also done quite a few layoffs lately, which proves even further that downsizing is another part of their plan.

Honestly, as much as I enjoyed Sonic Colors and Unleashed (and to a much, MUCH lesser extent, Black Knight), Sega has been putting out some pretty low-quality games for a while, and now that they're getting rid of their more experimental titles like Bayonetta (which was actually good...), well, it just spells disaster for a company that has been doing poorly for years now.

The sad thing is, Sega really has no one to blame for their failures but themselves. If you don't know the story of the Dreamcast, you can catch up a little bit on it in this article, which also details how Sega pretty much failed as a console-selling company. But upon moving to primarily-software, Sega really hasn't broken new ground. They've taken risks with Sonic, and they've published some interesting, potentially winning games from other developers... but they've really just kind of sat in mediocrity. Even Sonic, their once-competitor with Mario, is a wary investment nowadays. The entire aura of Sega just kind of feels... half-assed. And it's sad, because once, Sega was a huge name, a force to be reckoned with... and sure, every now and then, they come out with a nice little gem, but no more...

There's a rumor that Sega is thinking of rebooting Sonic. While that would be nice, it would also show us that, once again, Sega just doesn't really know what they're doing with their titles, and they don't really know what they're doing with their image.

I don't really think I can write anymore about this. It's just kind of depressing, especially coming from someone who considers Sonic Adventure 2 to be one of his favorite games of all time... I just wish we could go back to those days.

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