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Friday, March 23, 2012

Revamp! Or, let's talk about porting games...

What an odd pair, these two are...

Heyo! So, I was on another one of my favorite forums today,, and I came across a topic talking about porting games to the 3DS, specifically, Majora's Mask and Super Mario Sunshine. There's a small poll being held, and it got me thinking about ported games in general.

For those who don't know, a port is a game that has already been released on one console and is redesigned for another- sometimes you have games that are created for home consoles that are ported to handheld ones, or you can have home console games ported to another home console. Also, freeware games can be ported to consoles as well, usually with added features. When a game is developed for two consoles like PS3 and xBox 360, that's just them being developed at the same time. A port implies that the game was released prior on a certain console and then re-released on another. Games like Ocarina of Time 3D, Super Mario 64 DS, Monster Hunter Tri G, and Star Fox 64 3D are examples of this.

Usually, a port is a superior version of a past game- updated textures, game modes, and content. Sometimes, the additions enhance the experience, other times, not so much. I enjoyed Super Mario 64 DS because the mission structure was changed to accompany the unlocking of new characters. While Ocarina of Time 3D was certainly a nice game, the 3D didn't enhance the experience that much, and while the models were retextured, they weren't changed, unlike Super Mario 64 DS. The ability to access the Master Quest was very nice, though.

But back to the real question- which would you want more as a port to the 3DS, Super Mario Sunshine or Majora's Mask? To me, even a ported N64 game shows its age, and while they may have added features- this is a next-gen portable console we're talking about. I'd much rather have a Gamecube ported game, especially one so full of content like Super Mario Sunshine, than a prettier N64 game. However, I think it would be cool to see a Master Quest of sorts for Majora's Mask- otherwise though, I can't see the point in re-releasing that game. There's not much more you can add to a Zelda title.

The addition and alterations made to Super Mario 64 for the DS iteration changed the gameplay and made the whole experience better, and I would like to see that implemented in a similar fashion for Super Mario Sunshine, personally. However, with the return of Luigi's Mansion in sequel form, I would also love to see a sequel to Super Mario Sunshine, myself. That would be awesome.

What are your thoughts, though? DISCUSS!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I want Majora's Mask 3D. I think they could change a lot of the things that people don't like about the game, and polish up the parts that are unfinished from the short development time. Plus, GameCube games still need to take their run on the VC, they don't belong on the 3DS. Maybe the next handheld.

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