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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Itty Bitty Living Space. Or, let's talk about some eShop games!

So I've actually had Pushmo for a while, but I just bought VVVVVV and Mighty Switch Force the other day and had some fun with them, so I figured I'd write a little piece on them and the eShop in general, especially since I gotta flex my muscles for the PAPER MARIO- THE THOUSAND YEAR DOOR REVIEW OH YEAH.

So I'll go in order of the games I got. Pushmo is awesome. It's got puzzles that are so ridiculously tough but based on such simplistic game mechanics. The ability to build your own puzzles and share them is a lovely addition and allows thousands of possibilities for new and tougher challenges. The object of the game is to rescue the adorable little kids who have been stuck in Pushmo Park- you need to pull and push blocks out of a vertical structure to create a path to the marker where the child is trapped- simple enough, but some puzzles require moving pieces in an out several times to create the right path, and when you add in ladders and buttons that push out all the blocks of a single color, it starts to get tougher. Puzzles range from simple small designs to murals that are massive. Overall, Pushmo has got the bang for your buck, and since buying it back in October I still haven't grown tired of its awesome charm. Then again, it was made by Intelligent Systems, which is probably the best developing studio for Nintendo's systems... but yeah.

Next up! VVVVVV is an absolutely awesome and tough game. I mean, this game is TOUGH. You play as captain Vermillion as he attempts to find his lost cremates in a maze of gravity puzzles that implement moving screens, to automatic gravity switches, to weird screen puzzles. It's a brief adventure, but it moves fast and to an absolutely ROCKIN' soundtrack- honestly, that's one of the things that got me through the game. I was so pumped up by the music as I died a hundred thousand times that I was able to continue on. Finding all of the trinkets in the main story is hard enough, but some of the challenges presented are absolutely nasty. Of course, this game wasn't designed for the 3DS, but the inclusion of an analog stick to gameplay really helps. The 3D doesn't really give much depth, either, but again, the ability to own this title on a portable console really increases its playability. All of the additional levels created by players are just as deep as the original, and it's just a fun game. I love letting my friends pick it up and give it a go.

I decided I was needed more than just a simple PC-port and also purchased Mighty Switch Force- and hot damn, is this game fun as hell. You play as a leggy future policewoman as she attempts to round up all the escaped, sexy criminals. You can jump, shoot, and most importantly, switch translucent blocks back to their original solid state. The Mighty series is known for high quality titles but Switch Force really takes the cake- the controls are simple and fun, but the game's reliance on timing and overall difficulty make it a force to be reckoned with. I have not been under par in any of the incidents so far, but honestly, I'm just trying to get through them once before perfecting my ability in them. It's a fantastic game with a whole lotta charm, and I feel like I got my money's worth.

And that's really the fantastic thing about the eShop- every title I buy feels like I got my money's worth. With most of these titles being under ten dollars with a few exceptions here and there, it's not going to be a full-game experience- but I've already found Pushmo and VVVVVV to be lengthy experiences that I can pick up and play when I have no full-length titles to focus on.

I know I'm boasting a bit when I mention the Ambassador titles, but Metroid and Mario recently received save point updates which is SO welcome. The wonderful thing about eShop is that it's FAST- the 3DS internet connection is really leaps and bounds more impressive than the DS, and even the Wii- I don't feel like I'm waiting a long time to get these games- it's just a quick download-and-play. And honestly, that's really cool. I hope that the 3DS sees a great amount of eShop games that are as good as these three titles- and Pushmo really sets the bar for quality.

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