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Monday, March 5, 2012

9 out of 10?! Or, let's talk about video games...

I frequent some video gaming websites to get my news on titles and upcoming cool things, etc. and I stumbled upon this post on Nintendo Everything and it got me a little annoyed.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I think SOME gaming journalists are full of crap, but I think that people who love to write about video games and love to play video games are true gaming journalists- people who offer their opinions merely because they want someone to hear and maybe benefit from their opinion are not bad people. However, that's not really the point.

When you see a metacritic score, or a review that rates a game based on a number, a very small part of it SHOULD be personal enjoyment level. Anyone can enjoy a certain type of game and dislike another for any amount of reasons- some people only like a certain genre. When a video game gets reviewed with a number score, it should be done so based on the level of QUALITY. That is why you don't see a "fun factor" or "enjoyment level" score in any professional reviews. Games should have a reasonable level of cleanness, tight controls, and decent presentation. As well all know, many games are unable to achieve this and get reviewed poorly because of it. There's no excuse to releasing anything less than a quality title, if we're paying upwards of fifty or sixty dollars for them.

Anyway, I commented on the post, if you're interested in reading it. Just wanted to throw my stance on reviews out there. I don't write reviews- I write opinion pieces in hopes that people will benefit from them.

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