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Monday, February 6, 2012

Yabbu-yabbu! Or, let's talk about Luigi's Mansion...

Look! Three people I know and some... colorful things?

So you know what's great about being a college student? You're much too poor to buy new video games, so you instead play your old ones on your old, beat up GameCube.


So this was one of the GameCube's launch titles. Considering it was the Nintendo launch title, it had some high expectations. Plus, it was a Luigi title, so everyone was pretty much like, "Luigi? Isn't he the taller version of that Mario fellow? Is this just going to be a Mario game with Luigi instead?"


Luigi gets a letter congratulating him for winning a SOOPER cool new Mansion! Freakin' sweet, right? He takes a trek to the middle of nowhere and shows up at this spooky place- but it turns out it's totally haunted! Fortunately, he's saved by Professor E. Gadd (Nintendo, you clever bastards) who gives him an awesome vacuum cleaner that can suck up ghosts. Cue epic battle to rid the mansion of ghosts!

Luigi's Mansion may be brief, but it's full of fun. All in all, it's really the kind of game you can only playthrough once, but coming back to it after a long time is always a nice feeling. Luigi's Mansion seems to have just the right amount of immersion with its midi-music and pop-out noises to scare you as it does moments of silliness and difficulty. There's unfortunately only one mansion, but the fun little story that shows how brave the wimpiest Mario character can be is a great time.

There's a scorekeeping function in the game that really rewards you on how much money you are able to collect in between "checkpoints," but that's not really a big selling point. Few classic Mario characters make an appearance, and the whole game doesn't really feel like a Mario title- but it offers a whole lot of fun.

I mean, there's not much else to say- the controls handle extremely well, it's a fun, cinematic game, and it showcased the the GameCube's graphical fun. Was it the best launch title? Well, it seemed kind of brief and therefore a little rushed, but it still drives the fun and zaniness home. I think Nintendo could have gone bigger with a launch title (coughPikmincough), but that's a story for another time.

A.K.A. my next blog post.

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