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Sunday, February 26, 2012

There's a time and place for everything! But not now. Or, let's talk about Pokemon...

So since Pokemon is probably the number one thing on this blog that gets steady hits, I'm gonna talk about it some more. Don't judge me.

So, with the announcement of Pokemon Black Version 2 and White Version 2, we have come to a realization of several things. The first would probably be that we aren't going to get a 3DS-exclusive Pokemon game until PROBABLY the sixth Generation, which is a little upsetting. "But what about the reboots of Ruby and Sapphire," you ask? Well, as idealistic as that would be, a 3DS exclusive Pokemon game isn't going to be a reboot of an old Generation. It's going to be something completely new and it's going to rock our socks off. Hopefully.

But the next 3DS Pokemon game is going to be the sixth Generation, because I'm pretty convinced Game Freak isn't quite sure how the 3DS will revolutionize Pokemon just yet. Why? Well, THAT'S WHY I'M WRITING THIS DAMN ARTICLE.

Okay, so the 3DS uses the Nintendo Network, right? As in, servers and leaderboards and accounts that are interconnected with WiiU accounts too. So that could greatly increase the options for global trade and ranking- people could have a Pokemon/item trade market that is much more easily accessible. The 3DS can also churn out some pretty impressive graphics, meaning the reliance on sprites could be done away with and we could start getting some Pokemon Battle Revolution-esque graphics on that tiny platform, along with a much prettier overworld, to boot. But that would be a HUGE step for Game Freak, whose been relying on the same graphics for a while, really. The problem I had with Pokemon Black and White is that they tried to churn out some nicer graphics but sacrificed exploration and the central part of Pokemon- BATTLING, for some spectacle shots of giant bridges and cities and stuff. I'm not sure if I'd be comfortable with them going to even better graphics, as it might lead to more of that.

What Game Freak is really missing, though, is that if they had taken some time and let Pokemon Black and White release for the 3DS, they could have benefited from the Nintendo Network with the announcement of Black and White 2 as DLC. Because honestly, that's what Black and White 2 already feels like, to me. Taking place in Unova with not much new added to them? I don't know about any of you guys, but I blew through White version, myself. The story allowed me, a seasoned player (played through red, baby!), to progress with a minimal amount of grinding- and grinding is like, a major part of Pokemon. There were just encounters in pretty much every town- enough to bypass routes outside of cities. I only had to grind before the last gym and before the Elite Four, and it was because my Pokemon were under-leveled. This new game will probably we the same map, with the obligatory minor changes, and a couple extra "dungeons". I mean, if it really is a sequel, then we can't really use the same protagonists, since it would require some inane plot device that made us release our Legendary Pokemon... because it needs to follow the staple Pokemon design.

BUT Game Freak COULD add an area that is beyond the Elite Four summit, new towns and gyms, as DLC if they had followed the jump to the 3DS. But they're limiting themselves by making us pay for the same thing twice. Then again, that's the nature of consumerism and video games, huh?

Again, all this ranting is kind of unfounded, because we know so little about the game, but it could be a curveball. What are the odds, though?

BUT, Pokemon fans, if there's something that we DO have to look forward to, its the prospect of a Pokemon MMO. The concept has already technically been introduced in Black and White, it just needs to be polished up for the next installment. If we're looking at a continuous growth of the series... then this is the next logical step.

But this is all just speculation, right?

1 comment:

ThePowerOfAura said...

Well I'm a well seasoned pokemon play just as you are, I've been playing since RYB (well the first game I actually owned was gold version, but I borrowed Blue)
Anyways, the battling mechanics of the game haven't really changed much since RSE (3rd gen)
and the battling mechanics are actually improved in my opinion, they added sprite animations, made weather visible at all times, and even added a few nice touches like dream world, which is essentially free DLC for getting Pokemon with different abilities.

I like the idea of a Pokemon MMO however, if they could create something similar to the GTS in HGSS, that would be really cool, it would be an area that in order to enter, you had to be connected to wi-fi, and while you were there, you could interact with any player on the same server, rather than having to deal with friend codes and pal pads and all that nonsense.
So basically what they have now, but bigger, and you aren't limited to your pal pad (possibly filterable by country/time zone)
Graphics look nicer every gen, but I like the "block by block" format of the Pokemon world. It's one of those defining characteristics of the series in my opinion...
I don't think a 6th gen will be happening to be honest.. now they have enough generations to cycle them using remakes (5 gens) new games every 2-3 years = 15 year rotation. That's a little behind the cycle of new software... which would allow them to market better etc... hmm... don't get me wrong, I love Pokemon, and I'm still playing it at 16, but I don't know if having the extremely creative team at Game Freak, try to shell out another batch of Pokemon is the best idea if you know what I mean... (I'm not saying all of the new Pokemon were lame, props go out to: Volcorona, Conkeldurr, Thundurus, Gigalith, Terrakion, Haxorus, Sawk, Excadrill, Bisharp, Zoroark, and last but not least, Stunfisk <3)

Long story short, hopefully the generation after BW2 will be just as fun and enjoyable as the previous ones ^-^

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