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Thursday, January 12, 2012

NERD RAGE: Let's talk about level design...

I'm going to preface this by saying that Super Mario 3D is an atrocious game. Okay, we're done.

But not really.

While playing through said game, I reached the "special" worlds and realized the flaw with the majority of what it does- which is "throw a retarded amount of new gameplay mechanics at you and expect you to enjoy it." Then, when the game returns to these mechanics like, ONCE, the difficulty is upped to insane levels, so you have no choice but to die- repeatedly- because they've only used these game mechanics once, MAYBE twice in the entire game so far. This is also in addition to throwing OTHER new mechanics in atop them. And it is just stupid.

As I said before, I'm not a fan of the current Mario formula, but this game is especially annoying. With the extremely limited movepool Mario possesses, you have to really, REALLY work to pull off some of the stupid challenges they throw at you. See, the game's control issues and level design pretty much work against one another in this title, because Mario's a slippery bastard and there's a goddamn run button. Also, the circle pad doesn't really help you pull off any spectacular moves that are standard Mario fare, so once in a while you'll do a backflip and wonder how you actually did it. Again, I hate to harp, but some of the stages are just BEGGING you to use a Tanooki suit to get through them. Of course, you really have no time to stop and plan your approach, since you've got that friggin' time limit. But mostly, the levels just don't allow you to stand still and grab a breath, which can be very annoying if you haven't reached a checkpoint. I know, I know... the point of a game is to be difficult- but if I can't have fun because I'm too annoyed with how unresponsive the controls are in combination with the hard-as-nails level design (which isn't BAD, most of the time... but it's not really good, either), then it's NOT A GOOD GAME.

While some of the levels are very good, others just don't cut it- and usually the ones that are good revolve around more open spaces and mechanics that are in the vein of the Super Mario Sunshine Fludd-less levels. Then there are some that just suck because they rely on a stupid gimmick, like the swinging platforms. I would really just rather have more open-world gameplay instead of this odd 3D Mario in 2D objective stuff... I play Super Mario Bros. because it has good 2D gameplay and has good level design that is straightforward- which is pretty much everything this game isn't. When it is straightforward, it requires very little effort. Which is lame.

Also, Nintendo made a nice move by blowing everyone's mind and making glasses-less 3D, but they need to chill the hell out with it. While playing this game with it on does make the graphics pop a little more, it also adds to the difficulty because of the perception tricks (which are cool when they're implemented cleverly and not as a dick optical illusion) and the inability to play the game comfortably- I mean, I can't play this game in any comfortable position. Yeesh.

...I just needed to vent a little. Give this blog a name that suits it, you know?


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