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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dual Screen? Ah. I get it. Or, let's talk about the Nintendo DS...

Ah, Nintendo. What makes me love you so much? Is it because you've always had damn good games?

Now if you stop reading and are getting ready to say, "Hold up, Evan. That's a fucked up statement- the DS is just a bunch of shovelware." I'll be the first to say "Hold up, yourself! Sure, there was a ton of portable campiness and there were a fair share of half-assed games that were based on bare minimum touchscreen fun," but let's think about what the DS DID for gaming.

1) Consistent 3D releases on a portable console. Even N64 textures were not bad on the DS- you'll be surprised to see that most of the N64 titles have had updated graphics.

2) Handheld worldwide competition, not file sharing. A lot of good DS games are worldwide compatible. Wifi was messy on the DS, sure, but it paved the way for the DSi's improved shop and, atop that, the 3DS shop and online.

3) Even more accessible to light game developers, especially with the invention of the online shop. But yeah, everyone wanted to play with a cheap dev set that included a touchscreen.

4) Piracy. Ah, the filthy piracy.

But, I digress. I own a sizable amount of DS games- some good, some bad, but I can say without a doubt that the DS was a fantastic console that, once you have dug through all the ridiculous licensed titles, has a great library of games. Now, when I say great library of games, there really are a lot. The DS had a great amount of Platformers, Adventure, Puzzle, and RPG games- though its best titles seem to lean more towards the RPG genre. One look at /v/'s Recommended List for DS games will show you that. Honestly, that pleases me, but also makes me wonder about the state of RPG's in the American region. Ah, well. Another story for another time.

See, not all great games for the DS were Nintendo made- and a lot of the games that were good utilized the touchscreen in awesome ways. Some of them didn't- and they were Nintendo games. I figured I go through my collection of DS games and explain why they're awesome. In other words- this month is going to be a lot of "So Last-Gen" Reviews. Get ready!

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