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Friday, November 4, 2011

Review- Master Grade 00 Qan[T]

Kit Review- GNT-0000 00 Qan[T]
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So. This is my first Master Grade review. Might as well do it with a really iconic suit, right? When I first heard the Qan[T] would be coming out, I believe I said, "really? Before 00 Gundam?" But I eventually saw the reasoning- Qan[T] most likely had been in development longer and essentially has the building blocks for 00 Gundam. Needless to say, I wasn't upset- the Qan[T] is a fantastic suit, and I prefer it over 00 Gundam. I am a huge fan of the series' designs and story, so I knew I'd have to get this kit. How does it fare as a Master Grade? What are its flaws? Its strengths? Read on to find out.
I was very put off with the designs of the 00 Gundam Movie suits. They all seemed to be overcompensating for something, with their massive accessories. The only suit that I felt mixed the more militaristic theme of the first season's suits with the streamlined second season's suits was this guy, here. I was surprised to see the GN Sword V, though- that's a lot of clear material. Also, I felt the GN shield was big, but it can slim down a great amount. The construction was very straight forward and simplistic- the only flaws I would mention are the construction of the crest- that green centerpiece kind of just... sits there. The crest itself does so, as well- the whole piece doesn't exactly lock in, which makes it hard to put together. However, once you press the two halves of the head toghter, things hold based on friction. I'm not going to try to explain it anymore. Also, the GN "circles" on the arms and knees are prone to popping off. (ALSO HOLY CRAP. THE SIDE SKIRTS. More on that later.)
As for the quality of the build, it's really exactly what I would expect from a Master Grade design- inner frame, layered armor, all the complexities. The legs seem very light, mostly because of how thin the actual armor is. The cockpit opens very easily, and all the joints are tight. So here he is without all of his accessories- which are only two things. On his own, you can see that Qan[T] has a little asymmetry going on- but only in the arms. The shoulder pads are different so that the GN shield can hang over the left shoulder. The right arm has a "guard" sort of cover to continue the aesthetic established by the GN Sword V. Both arms feature the plug for the GN Sword to fit into. Anyway, Qan[T] has a really nice design- clearly streamlining the already smooth 00 Gundam design, while giving it a little flair.
That articulation! He's got some cool stuff going on, here. The use of aesthetic to create double-jointed legs is pretty impressive, and the arm curl is very nice for such a solid piece. We also have the torso on a ball joint and a torso flex, as well. This Master Grade features the single finger joint, but the wrists have a lot of flexibility to them. The feet have a nice curl to them, and the ankle armor extends to give the foot a little more range. There is also the extremely effective ankle joint that can be found on all the 00 Gundam MGs that allows an impressive inward/outward flex. The head is on a ball joint, as well as a secondary joint to allow a nice range of vertical movement for the suit.

A staple of the 00 Gundam suits is the additional pectoral flex, which is being showed off with the shoulder flex here. Poor choice of angle- really- it is a lot more noticeable from the front. It's a nice feature and it draws attention to the GN drive at the center- which has the beautifully inscribed model number on its dome.
While the added shoulder piece does flesh out the aesthetic more, it actually hinders the arm from going any further than this. It's a marked difference from the left arm, which has a much freer range of motion. Another note- the front and rear skirts are on a central ball joint connected at the pelvis, as are the skirt armors. By the way, both side skirt armors have a very nice little feature where they can be unpegged and placed down further for a place to put the GN Sword V- but the connection point is very flimsy, and with the side skirts being so limited in outward movement, they fall out more than frequently. This can get a little aggravating when trying to get the right leg pose- though they're so loose that you don't even have to be touching the legs to pop them out.
Onto the accessories! The GN Sword V is... really nice, actually. I was worried that it was too much of a departure from the original GN Sword's style, but it just looks really neat. The hand guard can be positioned easily and effectively, and the plug, though it looks flimsy, is very firm. You can get the sword handle to plug into the palm as well as the forearm with relative ease. The sword itself can be angled into a classic sword position or the familiar GN Sword horizontal position- it can also turn into a blaster with a quick 90 degree turn of the blade- though I believe it looks silly.
Moving onto the GN shield- this device's design is essentially based off of half of the Twin drive holsters- nice recurring design scheme, designers. The shield feels like a remade version of the Raiser system- another nice touch, and can change into a Raiser-like backpack. Overall, it's a fantastic homage to the previous suit, but that's just me going on about the design. It forms a prickly, dangerous cape/shoulder pad for Qan[T], and is firm in joints- enough to hold some great poses.
Six blades can be disconnected from the main part of the shield- the pair on the right splits into two swords as well. They do nothing on their own- no stands are included to let these things float around by themselves. However-
They all have handles so that they can be used as the seven swords to give the suit its title. Also pictured is the GN shield bare. It's a particularly nice gesture for Bandai to feature this function, as the bits have never been seen doing such a maneuver. Great little gimmick.
But that's not all- the bits can also form the GN Buster Sword, an impressive weapon. Unfortunately not light enough to lift without assistance, but still nice to be displayed with. Also, the bare GN shield can turn into its Quantum System configuration, which sleeks the whole suit out.
Another photo. It poses really well.
Personally, I find the blaster mode less impressive. I don't really have anything else to comment on, but the joint that allows the angle of the sword to alter is surprisingly firm here. I was pretty pleased.
Honestly? The entire package is pretty sweet. I was very hesitant about this design at first, but I do like it very much and everything flows very well. He looks more like he should be fighting in space than on the ground, but that's what action bases are for. You can still get some pretty good poses that don't look like a thin robot lugging around a huge backpack- the only problem with Qan[T]s proportions is that they feel out of place with his weaponry- even his sword seems like it could be shorter.
But... it does all look pretty nice when put together.
Here he is next to Real Grade RX-78. Even though he's a 1/100 kit, he's one of the less bulky suits- slimmer than a classic UC suit but not as tiny as an F-91 suit.
Here he is next to my largest (and next to be reviewed) suit, Sinanju. I mean, as far as a Master Grade goes, this guy pretty much meets my expectations. He was sort of a safe choice, after doing Exia well- the same body proportions could be used and he didn't utilize as much inner frame as 00 Raiser. He doesn't particularly stand out in any way, but does everything he's supposed to do pretty well- except for those side skirts. However, you do need to be a fan of his sleek-yet-angular-humanoid build if you plan on purchasing him- he's not a traditional mobile suit in any way. If you can get past that, I'm sure you'll enjoy him a whole lot. He's far better than the GN-X, but if you want a truly impressive Master Grade figure from 00 Gundam, go with the slightly higher price of 00 Raiser, which exceeds expectations. That's all I've got!
Coming up: Finally, Sinanju! Koto Metabee! Figma Append Miku! Others!

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