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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I saw Transformers, Dark of the Moon.

I will review it shortly. For now, enjoy my initial review of the last movie, Revenge of the Fallen. This was posted right after I saw it.

I saw the movie last night with a bunch of non-transformers fans. The end result? I came out of the theater happy, while they did not. Now, I am a pretty diehard TF fan, and I've been thinking about what I liked and didn't like about the movie. This has been really hard for me, because I feel as if I should support the movie totally, but I do have a few complaints.

I'm very conflicted right now, but you have to hear me out.

First of all, the story. While it is good in some parts, it lacks very much in others. Now, I can say honestly that I enjoyed the story. It had a very, very "Transformers" feel to it, mystical and ancient while still being high-tech and modernized. I understood the plot very well, and I felt it was grandiose and would have worked very well in an animated series. The first two acts of the movie were, in my opinion, very well made. There was a pretty good sense of pacing, and I kept up with the story. I don't know why people keep saying there's no sense of pacing. Now, once you move into the third act, you sense a lot of drawn-out, little bits being pieced together. It does not flow well in the third act, not much at all.

The script had a lot to do with this- there were good parts and bad parts. While Sam was in college, it really felt natural. In fact, even the robot interaction was very good. I must say I enjoyed the Twins a lot more than I thought I would, they had some great bits. However, a lot of the dialogue was also forced- and god damn it, Mikaela, do you have to whine about Sam not loving you all the time? Otherwise, it was good. I also have to say, I think the reviewers are missing a part of this move completely- The interaction between several robots, or robots and humans. Megatron and Starscream was BRILLIANT. I would tell you to go see the movie just for their lines. Sideswipe's first line was hilarious, and Wheelie was actually fun to listen to. Another great part of the movie was Optimus- he really shone throughout.

The humor, however, was a little overdone and very crude. I rolled my eyes a LOT when there was more of the obscene stuff. However, the Twins were very funny in their own way, what with the ninja's and shootings in faces. And yes, Jetfire was both funny and awesome. All in all, though, I give the humor a thumbs down.

I must admit, too... the end of the movie was a bit upsetting. Too cliche, and the same effect could have been achieved without the SPOILER whole thing with Sam SPOILER. However, the final fight was very good, in fact, all of the fights were.

Which brings us to special effects. Long story short, if you want to see giant robots that turn into cars fight, this is your movie. The opening sequence where Optimus is Air-dropped from a plane is one of the most exciting things I have ever seen. Prime in the woods was a truly intense and memorable fight scene. Even in the abandoned factory, and when the Twins bickered, and Devastator (while not having a large part) were all fantastic. If you're going to see this movie, you're going for the Transformers, and hot damn, does this movie deliver.

So I will be seeing it again. In fact, the only reason my friends didn't like it was because of the deus ex machina in the end- they felt it was too ridiculous. I say, they're a bunch of idiots who like fantasy, so why can't they believe in the mythos of Transformers? Still, it was a little cheesy.

However, I recommend this movie to Transformers fans, for you can really appreciate it for what it is, and for the robots and the script.

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