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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fun Update Numero Uno!

With the advent of Pokemon Black and White, I thought it would be fun to go through my six favorite Pokemon thus far. Fun fact, capitalizing Pokemon while drafting a blog makes Firefox recognize it as a proper noun- that's right, Pokemon is officially a proper noun.

So, this is my list of favorite Pokemon. Why six? Well, it's pretty obvious- a top five list wouldn't be a complete Pokemon team. However, I do have some runner ups (six, to keep things even), because I love me some Pokemon and it's hard to pick just six. Let's get this train wreck-a-rolling!

Runner Up: Zangoose
I have to start out this list with a Pokemon who, in reality, is kind of pointless. It has no evolutions and serves as what I like to call an ecosystem Pokemon- fleshing out the many species and has a rivalry with Seviper, much like its real-world counterpart. So, he's really kind of a one-off Pokemon- but damn, does it look cool. Also, he has two very impressive traits- Immunity to poison and a high attack stat. Coupled with the amount of normal-type physical moves, this guy can have intense STAB attacks. He can be switched out against poison spikes and deal some heavy damage- if he's fast enough. The downside to Zangoose is he's pretty damn slow and has some weak defense- but I love his look, attitude, and colors- white and red look awesome.

Runner Up: Toxicroak
I'm a sucker for fighting Pokemon. I think they're freaking awesome, and Toxicroak is one of my favorites. He has a few valuable assets, like Zangoose- Immunity to poison, and immunity to water attacks with the ability Dry Skin, which absorbs all water attacks and replenishes health. Team this guy up with a Rainy Day user and he'll be doing just fine. His colors look awesome, and he's a truly wicked looking Pokemon- that malicious grin and those sharp prongs look evil.

Runner Up: Golduck
The first generation of Pokemon were awesome, no doubt about it. I love Golduck by sheer principle- the older, more badass version of Psyduck. He's fast, powerful, and has the great ability to have a varied moveset. My preferred set for Golduck is Surf, Blizzard, Psychic, and Calm Mind- giving him the ability to boost his defense and attack before wrecking the opponent with a plethora of moves. Golduck is a valuable addition to any team, and a cool-looking one, too.

Runner Up: Primeape
Corniness aside, I've been likened to Primeape before- not really the best in anything, but when I get competitive or start acting wild, I jump around and scream like a crazy monkey. I hate it when people compare other people to Pokemon. Their ability is Vital Spirit- which prevents sleep. He's fast, furious, and a fighting Pokemon, my favorite. One of the first generation Pokemon, Primeape wasn't really awesome to me until recently when I realized he's practically built to kill an extremely powerful Pokemon, Darkrai. Intense.

Runner Up: Skarmory
This is a Pokemon that makes no sense. A bird made of steel? Whatever. But the very nature of Skarmory is awesome. Fast, but also terribly weak, Skarmory is perfect for staying in the fight for a long, long time. The moves he can actually STAB with don't do much, but he can set up a variety of attacks like spikes or stealth rock, but the best thing about him is he can set up and then continuously switch the opponent out with whirlwind, chipping their health away until they don't stand a chance. An awesome strategy for a damn awesome looking Pokemon.

Now, on to the REAL list!

Number 6: Gardevoir
See, most people think the third generation of Pokemon was terrible. I can't really disagree, but I can say that Gardevoir is one of my favorite Pokemon. The weird thing is that male Ralts can become Gardevoir too, but we'll not get into that disturbing, disturbing aspect of the fandom... ugh. All that aside, Gardevoir is a very cool looking Pokemon with a very interesting aesthetic, almost grass-like in nature. A powerful psychic Pokemon that essentially suffers from the same weaknesses as other psychic Pokemon- weak defenses. However, equipping this Pokemon with Calm Mind and a wide variety of moves can cause some serious damage, which is why I include one on my team. I actually had no idea that this Pokemon had legs until I bought SoulSilver, and though I rather enjoyed the idea of them being wispy, phantom-like Pokemon, I also like that they don't lose everything from their previous evolution, either. Dear god, you wouldn't believe how many disturbing images I had to go through in order to get a picture of this Pokemon. They really, really, really, really, REALLY don't need breasts, perverts.

Number 5: Nidoking
HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE NIDOKING? He's the damn King. The first male-exclusive final evolution, he looks awesome and can serve as an extremely potent mixed attacker. Guess what my Nidoking's moves are? Blizzard, Mega  Horn, Thunder, and Earth Power. WHAT. Why can one Pokemon learn all those moves? Because he's a damn Nidoking. I remember wanting one of these guys so badly back in the days of Red and Blue, but Moon Stones were hard to come by... hard indeed. However, I eventually obtained one and witnessed the destructive power of the King of Nidos. With the onset of the fifth generation, Nidoking is getting a powerful boost in the form of Sheer Force, but that's another story for another time. Powerful, awesome looking, and downright nasty, Nidoking is one awesome Pokemon.

Number 4: Togekiss
I love the fourth generation. There. I said it. The amount of new Pokemon and new evolutions for Pokemon was awesome, and they all looked righteous. It's not my favorite generation, but it's pretty high up there. Togepi and Togetic were very cool Pokemon from my ACTUAL favorite generation, but they were really damn small. However, Togekiss solves that and turns him into an AWESOME BIRD-THING. They're said to be extremely rare and bring great happiness, which is totally true because they can use Serene Grace, which makes the chances of the secondary effect of a move way higher. He can fly, continuously make his opponents flinch or what-have-you, and did I mention he can fly? All that aside, this is one of the Pokemon I like because he's actually cute. I like Togekiss.

Number 3: Rampardos
OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. A dinosaur. A BLUE dinosaur. A dinosaur with ridiculous attack stat. A DINOSAUR! Rampardos is extremely powerful- he has the highest attack stat in the game. He may be slow, but the sheer power of his moves means any STAB attack will kill. Luckily, you can outfit this tank with a number of moves as well, from Zen Headbutt to Earthquake, so that he can wipe out the competition. The aesthetics on this Pokemon are really cool, and it's one of the only fossil Pokemon I actually like, aside from Kabutops. But really- HE'S A DINOSAUR. They just right out said it: if we're going to have fossil Pokemon, they better be dinosaurs. Luckily, this guy looks as awesome as he sounds in theory. If I could ride one of these guys, I would- and he would destroy everything in my path.

Number 2: Raikou

Oh, Raikou. I love you so much. The second generation of Pokemon was so great because it was the first time we got new Pokemon- and so many of them looked cool. This is the only Legendary on this list, but there's no way I couldn't include him. He's like a yellow-saber-tooth-tiger-slash-actual-tiger with a thunder theme, and he looks awesome doing it. The Legendary beasts and birds seemed, to me, to be the most unique of the legendary trios, and Raikou is a perfect example of that. The other beasts look completely different from him- the only real unifying theme among them is the trails they have coming from their backs. I think Raikou looks the coolest out of them all, and I love him to death because of this, and one other reason. Story time!
I was playing Pokemon SoulSilver, hunting through the grass on my way to Victory Road, when I suddenly had a wild Pokemon encounter. It was Raikou. I love Raikou, but the catch rate for these things is nigh-impossible. Jokingly, my friend told me to throw a Pokeball at it. Why not? Just for laughs. So, I threw a simple Pokeball at a level 40 Raikou with full health and no status ailments. It nudged once. Okay, that's just a tease. It nudged twice. What the hell? It nudged a third time. HOLY SHIT. THE STARS CLICKED THE POKEBALL SHUT. I CAUGHT MYSELF A WILD RAIKOU.
That is why I love Raikou so much. I caught one in a damn Pokeball- my first wild encounter with him. I will never get rid of that Raikou, and I will use him forever, even if his stats suck.

Number 1: Lucario
No, there's no Mudkipz here. Lucario is damn awesome. Now, I know I might get some flak for liking this guy, especially since I've been with Pokemon ever since the first generation, but I really like him. His unique typing (steel and FIGHTING OMG), awesome colors and design didn't win me over at first, though they eventually became reasons. I don't watch the show and I don't watch the movies, so his portrayal in either of those is not what won me over. It was Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
Mewtwo was one of my favorite fighters in Super Smash Bros. Melee, so I was upset to find that he was being replaced with a fourth generation Pokemon. I reluctantly decided to play as Lucario, only to find that I liked him just as much, if not more, than Mewtwo. When I played as Mewtwo, it was all about throwing and hitting my enemies from afar, as well as using his awesome neutral A aerial attack. But with Lucario, I could do what Mewtwo couldn't- get up close with the enemy and use physical attacks- and also implement my old strategies. My Lucario is a long-range Aura-sphere spammer that switches into his powerful smash attacks when enemies get up close, and if I'm not allowed the chance to use Aura-sphere, I switch to the old tactics of dodging and grabbing, preferably aerial throws that allow me to use his decent air game. And you know what? I'm pretty damn good with him. And now, my favorite character in Brawl has forever altered the way I look at this Pokemon in-game, to the point where I want a Lucario on my team whenever I play, because he's my mascot. I can't see a Lucario without thinking about all the matches I've actually won with him in Brawl, and that's why I love him.

Though I know I don't have a lot of followers, I encourage feedback! Who are your favorite Pokemon? I probably won't agree.

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